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My new horn arrived last Friday. And I'm very pleased with the instrument! It plays easily and the intonation is good.


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We have decided to offer a maintenance & service contract to all horn players, worldwide.

Whether you bought your horn from us or not, we will fully recondition it upfront - i.e., now - for a small monthly sum paid by direct debit or standing order over 3 years or annually depending on your chosen plan.  This means you part with no money upfront (apart from transit costs), get your horn back working like new (or better) straight away and then pay for this work (which is fully guaranteed) by monthly instalment, in arrears.  See the two plans, below.
Every 3 years is the optimum time to service most horns, but we also offer annual maintenance plans for busy professionals whose "high annual mileage" horns need more frequent attention to keep them in tip-top playing order.
And our 3-Year Plan price is the same in total as the current one-off Wiltshiring price of £595 GBP.

Plan One (3-Year):

You can have your horn serviced and Wiltshired every 3 years for just £16-53 GBP per month (£595 GBP in total)

Plan Two (Annual):

Or you can have your horn serviced and Wiltshired annually for the 20% reduced price of £476 GBP per annum, (just £39.66 GBP) per month.
Apart from any major replacement parts (which will be advised at the time, before work commences), this will cover your maintenance costs completely and your horn will always be in perfect playing order.
Minor repairs during both plans are free of charge.
Read in detail about what will be done to your horn, and the effects, here.
  • Don't let that calcified horn give you a flat high register and make you split notes you otherwise wouldn't
  • Don't let those sluggish valves mess up your rapid playing
  • Don't put up with clanky valve mechanisms
  • Have your valve compressions checked and fixed, if necessary
  • Don't put up with frozen, stiff or loose slides (which can affect intonation and airtightness)
  • Get those dents removed
  • Keep your horn in absolutely perfect playing order - inside and out - at all times
  • Look after your horn, and look after your playing - BE THE BEST PLAYER YOU CAN BE!!!
Call Alan Wiltshire on +44 (0) 1594 719095 or email him now.

You know you want to and you'll be so glad you did!

Wherever you are in the world - you should be talking to us. PDF Print E-mail

We are the premier venue for used, professional-quality French horn sales worldwide. Congratulations – if you want to buy a fully reconditioned, used French horn, you’ve come to the right place!


We sell French horns - and only French horns (apart from ToneBlobs and Absent Soloists CDs, that is).  We specialise in high end French horns from manufacturers such as Paxman, Alexander, Yamaha, Engelbert Schmid, Holton, Hoyer, Knopf... and we sometimes have rarities, like the odd Rauch or Lewis or maybe an original Geyer or CF Schmidt, maybe even a Raoux...

"Music is the brandy of the damned." (GB Shaw)
"Maybe - but the horn is the king of the orchestra!" (A Wiltshire)



We are as responsible as practicality allows (and legislation requires) with our carbon footprint, and we keep our waste to a minimum, recycling everything we can including viable cardboard boxes, bubble-wrap and void fill.