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My Alexander 103 it arrived today in Osaka. I send deepest greetings of respect and thanks for your wonderful horn.

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Hi Alan,

Just to let you know, the Alex arrived today. And what do I think? Well it's the same horn in appearance and that's where everything changes when I put it to my lips. It blows beautifully - lovely big, fat, rich sound.The Alex sound of olden days only much, much better. Top register is super.

I played it during lunch hour and didn't want to put it down. Middle reg is pure, smooth and round and pedal notes really strong and powerful, as I discovered after blasting out that low bit from Shostakovich 5. Valves move like lightening so all in all you have done a superb job on my Alex. I'm really pleased with the work done so roll on next band and orchestra practice. Best of luck to you both in the future. You are very welcome to use this as a testimonial if you wish... PS.. Tone blob is a great addition in aiding tone projection and volume. What more could I want?

Regards for now,
Vince McArdle,
Co Louth,