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Pre-92 Hoyer F/Bb/(A+) compensating double - a lovely, yellow brass horn PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailNewly arrived is this unlacquered yellow brass Pre-92 Hans Hoyer compensating F/Bb double with A/stopping valve - virtually identical to the very recent gold brass horn detailed elsewhere on the site but now sold.

This is a very fine, 100% handmade instrument, and it plays superbly. It's a 'Meister' - their top-of-the-range model. Valve compression is awesome - it's hardly been used - and, apart from a few superficial blemishes (the usual odd tiny ding or scratch etc), it's in superb condition cosmetically as well as mechanically. It's got string action on the 3 finger valves and mechanical action on the thumb valves. A screw bell is fitted.

The horn has, of course, been fully reconditioned and, apart from the tiny blemishes mentioned above, is functionally in (almost) as-new condition.

A very fine horn for a(nother) discerning player. The previous gold brass Meister like this sold within a couple of days of going up on the site, so do be quick if this is of interest...