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Pre-92 Hans Hoyer Meister - full F/Bb double horn - in lovely condition PDF Print E-mail

I'm always going on about what excellent horns these pre-92 Hoyers are, and what fantastic value for money they offer.

This is an unusually nice one, in excellent condition, and with virtually all its lacquer.

This fine horn was handmade in the former GDR (just before the Berlin wall came down) and looks as though it's hardly been used. It plays superbly, of course. The 'Meister' was Hoyer's top-of-the-range model at the time, so this is a serious piece of kit - a fully professional instrument for the price of a good student horn.

It's fitted with a medium-large bell - and so makes a standard 'European' sound, but with a little added warmth. The case is nothing to write home about, but functional. (We can supply a very nice new case at modest extra cost.)

This lovely horn will suit an advanced amateur, a serious student or a young professional. It has mechanical linkages on all 4 valves, and a fixed bell.