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Paxman descant prototype - "Pre-Model 40" PDF Print E-mail

Paxman Bb/A(+)/F alto full double descant horn

This is extremely rare and part of horn history.

It's a 100% handmade Paxman Model 40 prototype. This is the golden-era design that everyone wants - and it's hardly been used. Merewether himself will have worked on this horn. If it didn't play so well, and wasn't in such good condition, I'd say it should be in a museum, such is its pedigree and significance in terms of horn design. (This was the first successful double descant horn that Merewether designed and many feel he got it right first time. It was a design landmark: because of the wonderfully clever split leadpipe system - with a valve in the middle - it became possible for the first time to make a double descant horn.)

But it would not be right to consign this fine instrument to a museum - it should be played. It's as playable now as it was when it was new. This is an absolutely top quality professional instrument.

Someone's gonna be so very pleased with this...