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These don't appear often on the used market. More's the pity since they're really fine horns. Marketed by Alexander as an 'intermediate' instrument, they're anything but. They play, feel and sound every bit as good as their 'professional' counterpart, the Model 1103, to which they're very similar indeed. This is a medium-belled, Geyer wrap instrument. So it's comparable to any medium-belled Paxman, Yamaha's 667 and 667V - in fact, to any classic Geyer style horn.

There's some missing lacquer and a few little blemishes here and there on this horn - this is cosmetic only and has no affect on how the horn feels, sounds or plays. Nothing of any consequence at all.

This is a fine, inexpensive full F/Bb double horn. Will suit a serious improver, amateur or young professional.