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This isn't quite the standard H179. It's been fully - and expertly - relacquered under insurance. And they did a great job - far better than Holton's usual lacquering (sorry Holton).

Otherwise, it is a standard H179 - Holton's best-selling Kruspe style F/Bb full double with an XL bell, and made in nickel silver. This is Holton's version of the Conn 8D. A little more sturdily built than an 8D, these fine horns are used by amateurs and professionals the world over. Of course, with the big bell, it makes a BIG, 'Hollywood' sound.

The horn has a mirror finish. It comes with the original hard case which is nothing to write home about, but perfectly okay and fully functional.

Tuckwell used these fine horns on many occasions.


Yamaha 664 - excellent 'student' horn - hurry...! PDF Print E-mail

Another 664!

I've gone on about these so much I won't repeat myself here. If you want to hear my rantings, look here:

The specimen on sale is in the standard lacquered yellow brass with fixed bell configuration and has a fair distribution of little blemishes. Nothing serious - the photo is as the horn arrived here, before doing anything to it - and it will come out nicely in the wash. It already plays perfectly and we haven't touched it yet.

These are rare, excellent horns and they always sell quickly. So don't hang about...


Paxman Series IV - very high quality intermediate F/Bb full double horn PDF Print E-mail


Since they weren't released until fairly recently, one hardly even sees one of these on the used market.

This is what Paxmans have to say (copied from their site):

The Series 4 is based on Paxman's highly successful Series 3 and shares many of its characteristics. It also incorporates several features usually reserved for top level professional instruments. These include a detachable bell as standard, water key on the mouthpipe, protective nickel hand guard and nickel silver valve casings.

The bell is medium large bore, the optimum for this type of instrument, made in yellow brass for a characteristic warm, yet exciting sound. The wrap is based on a Geyer style, which makes it a particularly free blowing horn. The left hand position is adjustable by means of a movable thumb lever, to make it suitable for the younger player or adult.

This is, in our opinion, the premium intermediate level horn which enjoys many of the characteristics of Paxman professional model, at a very advantageous price.

I don't think there's much I can add.  The horn is in excellent general condition with a few cosmetic blemishes. In playing terms, condition is perfect.  You'll struggle to tell it from a professional Paxman. Blindfolded, I doubt you would.

It's a great horn at a cracking price. Incredible value for money.

Act now if you're interested because this is a very unusual opportunity and it will sell quickly.




Pre-92 Hans Hoyer Meister - full F/Bb double horn - in lovely condition PDF Print E-mail

I'm always going on about what excellent horns these pre-92 Hoyers are, and what fantastic value for money they offer.

This is an unusually nice one, in excellent condition, and with virtually all its lacquer.

This fine horn was handmade in the former GDR (just before the Berlin wall came down) and looks as though it's hardly been used. It plays superbly, of course. The 'Meister' was Hoyer's top-of-the-range model at the time, so this is a serious piece of kit - a fully professional instrument for the price of a good student horn.

It's fitted with a medium-large bell - and so makes a standard 'European' sound, but with a little added warmth. The case is nothing to write home about, but functional. (We can supply a very nice new case at modest extra cost.)

This lovely horn will suit an advanced amateur, a serious student or a young professional. It has mechanical linkages on all 4 valves, and a fixed bell.


Beautiful Paxman 70L full triple horn (F/Bb/F alto) in lacquered gold brass - wow! PDF Print E-mail

For many the ultimate horn, Paxman's full triples are used by top professionals the world over.

This beautiful instrument is built in lacquered gold brass and has a fixed bell. It's pitched in F/Bb/F alto. The seller tells me it's from 2001. The condition is truly excellent. There are a few TINY blemishes - hardly anything at all - and the lacquer is virtually 100% intact.

This model incorporates Paxman's fiendishly clever design employing 2 different leadpipe tapers and a different belltail taper for the F alto horn. Currently it's set up with the thumb trigger closest to the chest operating the F alto horn and the other thumb trigger changing between low F and Bb. (This can be reversed at modest cost if required.) The horn is fitted with a hinged duck's foot (so it lies flat against the palmguard when the horn is in its case) and comes in a standard Paxman black case which is also in excellent condition. There are coins soldered to the finger valve keys (to elongate them for a player with short fingers, although the fitted finger plates are already of the longer Paxman variety) but these can easily be removed, free of charge, if required.

This is a lovely, absolutely top professional quality full triple horn in superb condition.


Yamaha 567D - high quality student horn in superb condition PDF Print E-mail

Yamaha's Model YHR 567 is generally regarded as one of the best intermediate horns on the market. Delightfully lightweight, these fine, reliable horns are easy and comfortable to play and have excellent intonation.

The example on offer here is somewhat unusual in that it has a screw bell. It's in superb condition - virtually as-new - and comes in a Paxman volcano-shaped case in red (also in excellent condition). A classic Geyer style instrument, it's built in lacquered yellow brass and fitted with a medium bell and a duck's foot.

This is a lovely horn in spectacular condition.



Alexander 503 - fantastic 'student' horn... PDF Print E-mail

Arguably the very best 'student' (or 'intermediate') horn on the market, Alexander's Model 503 is effectively a professional horn without the ornate embellishments. It's exactly like their Model 1103, but without the engravings and fancy bits.

This is an early example and truly, it plays every bit as well as any 1103 (or 103) I've ever played.

It's got quite a few tiny blemishes - nothing at all of any consequence - but is generally in excellent condition throughout. Valve compression is fantastic, and even the lacquer has only a few, small imperfections.

These earlier Alexanders are more 'forgiving' (easier!) to play than many of their later instruments, and they do make a warmer, darker, mellower sound.

One hardly ever sees 503s on the used market, so snap it up if you're interested: this is a lovely, inexpensive horn for a serious amateur or advancing student.


Superb Paxman 25A - dual bore F/Bb double in nickel-silver - ooh! PDF Print E-mail

This is a truly superb instrument. There's just something about a nickel-silver Paxman...

It's a dual bore horn (email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for an explanation if you need one) and it's fitted with Paxman's largest bell, the 'New World' (also called the 'American' bell and represented either by a letter A or the letters NW in the model name). So it's a Model 25A or 25NW. The flare is detachable and the horn is unlacquered.

It's in excellent condition throughout - valve compression is like new, all slides are tight but free-moving and there are hardly any imperfections. It comes in a standard Paxman flat case in black.

It's photographed as it arrived - before its chemical clean and full reconditioning - and it already plays fantastically well. Nothing is worn at all - it's in virtually as-new condition and will make someone very happy indeed.

These are rare and wonderful horns, so act quickly if you're interested because it won't be here long...


Post-83 Paxman 40L full double descant horn in Bb/A(+)/F alto PDF Print E-mail

Paxman's fiendishly clever design employing differing leadpipe and bell tapers for each side of the horn is here represented by another fine Model 40L.

The horn is in excellent general condition (although there are a few small areas of missing lacquer and the odd, very slight cosmetic blemish) and it plays just superbly.  It's built in yellow brass and fitted with Paxman's large (or L) bell. So it makes a darker, warmer sound than otherwise identical Model 40s fitted with Paxman's medium (or M) bell.

Supplied in a standard Paxman shaped case in black (also in excellent condition), this is a very fine horn for an advanced and discerning player.


Early Holton F/Bb double in remarkable condition PDF Print E-mail

There is no model name or number on this very fine, vintage, professional Holton F/Bb full double horn. The bell inscription reads: Holton, Elkhorn, WS - and that's it! The seller advises that he bought it from a retiring pro player in 1972 and so assumes it may be from the 1960s or even earlier. Given its age, it's in very good condition indeed - just a small area of missing lacquer on the bell spout, and that's pretty much it. It's virtually free from dents and dings, although there are a couple of tiny blemishes - but truly, hardly anything at all.

Valve compression is excellent and the horn plays beautifully. It's a Kruspe style instrument, but with a medium (or maybe medium-large) bell.

It comes in its original case (which is tatty, although functional) and it's of a much higher standard than later Holton instruments.

This is a fine and unusual horn which will give its new owner many years of trouble free service.


Jiracek natural horn kit PDF Print E-mail

Natural horns are very rarely seen on the used market but we do have one available now.  This is a Jiracek Model 110 with crooks in F, E, Eb, D and C.  The bell inscription includes the word 'Saratice.'

The horn and all crooks are lacquered and in virtually as-new condition with no dents or missing lacquer that I can see.

Somewhat strangely, it comes in a standard 'Paxman style' shaped case, not in a box type case in which all the crooks can also be carried.  However, we should be able to supply an appropriate natural horn case at extra cost.



Paxman 'pre-Model 40M' - 100% handmade, early full double descant horn in superb condition - WOW! PDF Print E-mail

One very rarely comes across one of these:  this is an early Merewether system Paxman full double descant horn in Bb/A(+)/F alto.  It's from 1978 - when these absolutely top quality Paxman horns were 100% handmade - and it's in awesome condition.

There's absolutely no loss of valve compression and it plays like a brand new horn. There are a few tiny (and I do mean TINY) cosmetic blemishes - a couple of small areas of missing lacquer [less than 5%] and the odd slight ding or scratch. But truly, hardly anything at all.

It's built in lacquered yellow brass and fitted with a detachable medium bell. Perhaps somewhat strangely, it comes with a fixed bell case (although it's clearly a screw bell horn from the get-go and, of course, we can supply a lovely screw bell case at modest extra cost), and it does have those lovely, hand-engraved rotor caps (which feature interlocking horns) and are never seen on later Paxmans.

This is an absolutely fantastic horn - far better than the later models - and it's in virtually as-new condition.  If you're a pro player or an advanced amateur looking for a top quality descant, look no further...


Pre-92 Hans Hoyer 'Meister' single Bb/A(+) with in-built F extension - a fantastic horn... PDF Print E-mail

These early Hans Hoyers are wonderful, handmade instruments.  But one very rarely comes across anything other than the full F/Bb doubles.  However, they also made comps and singles.  The instrument on offer here is the classic design - often attributed to Lorenzo Sansone - of a single Bb/A(+) horn, but with an in-built F extension, like Alexander's Model 97.

This horn is built in unlacquered yellow brass with a screw bell, and has mechanical action on all 5 valves.  Valve compression is spectacular - literally like new - and the horn plays just wonderfully.  The 'Meister' was their top-of-the-range model at the time, so this is truly a serious instrument for a discerning player.  I'm pretty much retired from playing now but, if I were still at it, this horn would be mine and you wouldn't even be reading about it...!


Holton H178 full F/Bb double horn in very nice condition PDF Print E-mail

This is one of Holton's best-selling models - a Kruspe wrap full F/Bb double horn, but with a medium bell.

These fine instruments are free-blowing and make a warm, yet bright, 'European' sound with an easy legato facility.

This example is in excellent condition, with just a very few cosmetic blemishes - the odd pin dent and pretty much nothing else. Lacquer is almost 100% intact and the horn, built in yellow brass with a fixed bell, does play beautifully. It comes in its original Holton hard case (in black) and is an ideal first professional level double horn. A very nice horn, in very nice condition.


Paxman 20L - tatty, but plays like new PDF Print E-mail

Paxman's Model 20 is their best-selling full F/Bb double horn, well established and the choice of many top professionals for over 40 years.

This fixed bell, lacquered, yellow brass example is tatty in cosmetic terms. It's got multiple blemishes - pin dents, scratches, bits of missing lacquer etc - and no lacquer at all inside the bell throat. However, it plays like a new horn. Valve compression is excellent, valve action is fast, smooth and silent, and all slides are fully airtight and move freely and easily. It's a very fine instrument, albeit a cosmetically challenged instrument. This is a great opportunity to acquire a Paxman horn at a price which reflects this cosmetic tattiness (or 'shabbiness,' as you guys in the States say), but a price which doesn't reflect how extremely well it plays...

Fitted with Paxman's large bell, it makes a dark, warm, mellow sound.

If you care more about how your horn sounds and plays than what it looks like, and want a top quality, big-belled, professional instrument at a competitive price, this could be for you...


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