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Conn 6D - high quality medium-belled intermediate horn in superb condition PDF Print E-mail

Newly arrived is this lovely Conn 6D.

Not to be confused with the ubiquitous, big-belled 8D, the 6D has a medium bell, and is arguably one of the very best intermediate F/Bb full double horns on the market. As such, it's a perfect instrument for a UK- or European-based advanced student (or serious amateur) wanting to make a traditional European 'medium bore' sound - it sounds bright yet warm, perky and heroic.

This specimen is from 1979, but it looks almost new. There's hardly any lacquer wear and only a few tiny, completely insignificant blemishes.

This is a lovely, free-blowing and easy to play horn in excellent all-round condition.


Beautiful gold brass Alexander 103 - ooh! PDF Print E-mail

This is a virtually as-new Alexander 103.  It's a lacquered gold brass horn with a screw bell and mechanical action on all valves.  There are 1 or 2 tiny, superficial cosmetic blemishes on it (and I do mean TINY) but, otherwise, it's effectively a new horn.  It comes from a professional military player who bought it new around 10 years ago and was then issued a 103 by his regiment.  So it was put away and has hardly been used.  It comes with a flat, Alexander crocodile case which is also in 'as-new' condition.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a player wanting a lovely gold brass 103 - 'nuff said.


Karl Dressel handmade F/Bb full double - a very fine horn PDF Print E-mail

Karl Dressel was active as a hornmaker between 1919 and 1977.  He lived and worked in Markneukirchen, a beautiful Saxony town famous for musical instrument manufacture and the home of many famous names in the design and production of our noble instrument: Carl Geyer trained and worked there (before moving to Chicago) as did the Knopf brothers and the Hans Hoyer factory is still there to this day.

So, apart from being a very fine handmade instrument in the classic Geyer/Knopf tradition, this is also a piece of horn history.  It shouts quality, and plays superbly.  Photographed as it arrived here, it still shows some minor dents (which we will remove, of course) and is in excellent general condition.  We'll fully recondition it before sale, as usual.  There's no serial number and we've no idea of its exact age but it is very like the pre-92 Hans Hoyer horns which are such fine instruments and which can be seen elsewhere on this site.

This is a very fine, handmade professional instrument which is eminently capable of long-term daily use.  It's got a classic Geyer style bell (so it's a medium-large) and is made in unlacquered yellow brass with a fixed flare.  It will come with our standard full 3-year guarantee and a hard case.

An unusual and prestigious instrument.



Brno Lidl Kruspe style full F/Bb double - plays unusually well... PDF Print E-mail

Generally we don't put student horns up on the website but this one plays so well, and is in such nice condition, that it seemed appropriate to make an exception in this case.

These ubiquitous horns are well known - many players learned on them (myself included) and, as a first F/Bb full double at an affordable price, they're hard to beat - much better than many more expensive instruments in their class.

This example is in unlacquered yellow brass and it's in really good condition - hardly any blemishes, valves airtight, fast and quiet, and all slides moving freely.  It does play extremely well - like a much more expensive instrument - and it makes that BIG 'Hollywood' sound.

This is an ideal first full double for a talented improver, and will serve an accomplished amateur equally well.


Lovely Holton H279 - Kruspe style F/Bb double in nickel-silver PDF Print E-mail

Effectively the 'Holton 8D,' this is Holton's copy of the original Kruspe double horn - patent lodged in 1897 - of which Conn's 8D, Yamaha's 668 and Hoyer's Heritage models are all copies.

This is a lovely, free-blowing horn and it's in great condition - lacquer at least 95% intact, and hardly any blemishes at all - and it has a screw bell.  Mirror finish.

A very nice horn which plays beautifully, making that BIG 'Hollywood' sound.


Lovely Paxman 'pre-Model 20M' F/Bb full double - a 100% handmade, professional horn PDF Print E-mail


We rarely get these 'pre-Model 20' Paxmans.  These wonderful horns emanate from the early years of Paxman's production, before they adopted model numbers but still with the famous Merewether design, although before this was signified on the instruments themselves. They're 100% handmade, and don't you ever know it when you play one.  These truly fine horns are extremely sought-after worldwide and no wonder - there are only a finite number of them left (like original Geyers) and a discerning player understands this.

This particular horn is built in lacquered, yellow brass (of course there is some missing lacquer) and is fitted with a medium, fixed bell (although we can covert to screw bell for £300 GBP extra). It's had a few knocks along the way - obviously - and a crease has been expertly removed from the bell throat, amongst other cosmetic trivialities.  Valve compression is awesome, and all slides are tight but free-moving. This is a fine instrument, in perfect, every-day playing order but with the odd, minor cosmetic blemish (and we do mean MINOR).

It comes in an entirely respectable and fully functional (although not original) hard case (the horn has outlasted its case!) and the lucky new owner will receive a fully reconditioned instrument - playing like new - with a full 3-year guarantee, as is customary with all our horns.  (You only get a 1-year guarantee with most brand new horns...)

This is a truly fine horn for a discerning player, who understands its quality and finesse...


Yamaha 567 - Geyer style F/Bb full double intermediate horn PDF Print E-mail


Here, newly-arrived today (12/03/2012), is a very nice Yamaha 567.  This is Yamaha's current 'student' horn but these are nothing like most 'student' or 'intermediate' horns.  I've got a pro-player friend (who shall remain nameless, because I've not discussed this with him - the only reason!) who uses a 567 on all his engagements.  And we're talking central London, top line venues...

This horn has had a crease (expertly) removed from the bell throat (very slight evidence remains, cosmetic only) and there are a couple of tiny dings here and there (and I do mean TINY) but, otherwise, it's in excellent cosmetic condition.  It will, of course, be fully reconditioned before despatch so it will come to its lucky new owner in as-new playing order - literally in perfect playing condition.  It comes with its original black, hard case which is also in excellent condition.

Many players feel that the 567 is the best student horn on the market today.  Certainly, it's a joy to play and the Geyer wrap, coupled with the traditional medium bell, makes this a lovely, free-blowing instrument for the improving student or the serious amateur - not to mention the professional who just happens to love these fine horns.

We only get a few of these a year and they always sell virtually immediately so, if this is what you're looking for, don't delay - it won't be here for long...




Paxman Series II - the best intermediate horn ever made? PDF Print E-mail


Rather like the lamentably discontinued E Type Jaguar and Morris 1000, one wonders why Paxman ever stopped making these fabulous horns which are such incredible value for money.

Unlike Paxman's later and similarly-named variants (ie, the Series III and IV) which are made in China(!) and the Studenti which was made in Italy, the Series II is a PROPER Paxman, actually handmade by Paxman in the UK.

The Series II is almost a Model 20:  it encorporates a Model 20 engine (all the horn except the bell) but with a spun bell, instead of a hand-hammered bell as is fitted to the Model 20.  This is the only difference.  So these fine horns play and feel exactly like a Model 20 - Paxman's best-selling professional model - and their sound is virtually the same, although their cost is less than half that of a comparable Model 20.

Arguably, the Series II is the best intermediate horn ever made.

Unusually for a Series II, the horn advertised here is lacquered, with most of the lacquer remaining intact.  It does have a few cosmetic blemishes - some pin dents here and there, some missing lacquer (although not much), and some scratches - but it's otherwise in excellent condition and, in playing terms, it's in perfect order.

These fine horns very rarely appear on the used market so, if this is what you're looking for, don't delay...


King Eroica - big-belled Kruspe style F/Bb full double PDF Print E-mail


These are quite rare on the used market, particularly this side of the pond.  These fine horns are used by players wanting to make that BIG 'Hollywood' sound characteristic of the Conn 8D.  In fact, the King Eroica is extremely similar to a Conn 8D, both horns being close copies of Kruspe's original patent.

These are free-blowing, flexible instruments and the specimen on offer here is in very good condition with hardly any blemishes or missing lacquer.  It's hardly been used - in fact, we even have the original keypunch guarantee registration card from the 1970s!  It comes with its original case (it's big!) and, of course, will be fully reconditioned and have a full 3-year guarantee.


PS:  Just finished reconditioning this horn.  It's turned out much better than I expected.  The valves and slides are really tight and it's got a fab, secure high register.  The whole feel, manufacture and workmanship, not to mention the fantastic, quick, fluid performance, is of a much more expensive horn - like a fine Elkhart 8D which has had a recent vale rebuild (they're very fast, slick and highly airtight), or a Paxman double with a big bell in nickel-silver. Someone's gonna be very pleased and very surprised with this!

And cheaply...


Paxman DUAL BORE compensating triple horn in gold brass (Model 85M) - a very fine horn... PDF Print E-mail


If you want a triple - and who doesn't? - this wonderful model will surely be on the shortlist.  Full triples can be heavy to the point of absurdity (excepting the very fine Engelbert Schmid model to be seen elsewhere on this site) and many players don't discover this until they've owned one for a while.  By contrast, Paxman's compensating triple is much lighter than their full triples, and plays exactly the same in all respects.  It's pitched in F/Bb/F alto.

This fine horn has seen some action - there are blemishes dotted about it, some missing lacquer and a crease has been (expertly) removed from the bell throat - but it's generally in very good condition.  All valves have excellent compression and the slides are all fine, too.  It plays superbly, of course, and there is no thinning of the metal anywhere.

This is a dual bore horn (email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for an explanation if you need one) and it's also been fitted with removeable sleeves which, when removed, raise the pitch of the Bb horn to B - up a semitone - without affecting the low F horn.  Very clever!  It's also fitted with 4 (yes, 4!) water keys - so the emptying issues associated with triple horns are completely absent with this instrument.

The horn is manufactured from lacquered gold brass with a fixed bell (although we can convert to screw bell for £300 GBP extra) and will come to its lucky new owner fully reconditioned - so playing literally like new - and with a full 3-year guarantee and hard case.

It's priced to sell so, if you've always wondered what all the fuss was about with Paxman triples, here's your chance to find out...


Stunningly beautiful Paxman dual bore F/Bb full double - Model 25 in nickel-silver with big bell - wow! PDF Print E-mail


This is a spectacular example of Paxman's art:  a virtually as-new Model 25 dual bore full F/Bb double horn in lacquered nickel-silver with a 'New World' (also called 'American') bell which has a detachable flare.  (Please contact Alan Wiltshire for an explanation of Paxman's dual bore system if you don't understand what this means: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .)

There is some very slight creasing in the detachable flare (and I do mean VERY SLIGHT) which cannot be seen in the pic.  This in no way detracts from how wonderfully the horn plays and sounds, and in truth is hardly noticeable.  Apart from this, the horn is as-new in all respects.  Even the lacquer is virtually all intact - it's very hard to find a flaw.

This horn has a BIG bell, so makes that 'Hollywood' sound - as heard in any Hollywood blockbuster movie (Lord of the Rings, etc) or LPO concert or recording.  Nickel-silver is the most expensive, hardest and longest-lasting of all the 3 metals from which horns are made, and this horn flourishes a beautiful, virtually flawless, mirror finish.  It's truly one of the loveliest horns I've ever seen or played.  It comes in its original hard, black, flat 'attache case' style Paxman case.

If this looks appealing (and how can it not look appealing?!), don't hesitate:  handmade Paxmans like this don't come along very often and it won't be here long...


Holton H181 - lovely Kruspe-style F/Bb double with BIG gold brass bell - a very fine horn PDF Print E-mail


Holton are renowned for their comparatively inexpensive professional horns in many styles.  This is a particularly lovely Kruspe-style full F/Bb double with a BIG, ambronze bell.  Ambronze is 'American' for gold brass - so it's an otherwise orthodox Kruspe wrap horn with a yellow brass and nickel-silver engine, but with the complete bell in gold brass (or 'ambronze'!).

It makes that BIG, 'Hollywood' sound which you either love or hate - as we all do with all horn sounds, I suppose.

Apart from just looking absolutely beautiful, there are those who will claim that the gold brass bell procudes a warmer sound than yellow brass or nickel-silver and this fine instrument certainly does not disappoint in any respect:  it plays beautifully, it sounds awesome and it looks a million dollars!

This is an inexpensive professional-quality instrument for someone who wants to make the Hollywood sound but doesn't want to spend a fortune.


Alexander 1103 - Geyer style F/Bb full double PDF Print E-mail


Newly arrived is this Alexander 1103 - their Geyer style alternative to the 103.  Many players prefer these fine horns to the omnipresent 103, often commenting that the 1103 is more free-blowing and smoother and more forgiving to play.  Of course, it has virtually the same bell as a 103 and so makes an almost identical sound.

This superb instrument is built in lacquered yellow brass (with the lacquer being approximately 90% intact) and has a screw bell.  It's in very good condition, with just the odd, superficial cosmetic blemish.  It comes in a hard, flat case which is also in good condition.

It's smooth and responsive to play, and makes an exciting, heroic sound.


Yamaha 667 - Geyer style F/Bb full double horn PDF Print E-mail


Here we have another 667 - Yamaha's fine-playing Geyer derivative.  It's a fixed bell horn in lacquered yellow brass.  The lacquer is pretty good except around the bell tail and spout, where some dents have been removed.  There are also a couple of other cosmetic blemishes elsewhere but none of this in any way detracts from the horn's playability - in all playing senses, its condition is perfect.  Valve compression is awesome, all slides are tight and smooth and the horn plays like new.  In fact, it's not been used much at all. It comes in its original black, hard case which is also in very good condition.


Alexander 103 in superb condition PDF Print E-mail


This 103 has undergone extensive restoration including a full valve rebuild and the fitting of a complete new bell (not just the detachable flare).  As such, it is virtually a 'new' instrument.  Of course, it plays perfectly - like new - and therefore represents excellent value for money. The horn is built in unlacquered yellow brass with a screw bell.  It comes with a high quality, as-new 'backpack' style case.

This is a fine-playing 103 and will be a bargain for someone...


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