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So what are they, what do they do, and how do they work?

ToneBlobs are simply very heavy valve caps. We have conducted exhaustive tests to arrive at the optimum weight and density and we have found it. One can currently buy heavy valve caps for trumpets but the existing products on the market are not heavy enough to gain much noticeable advantage. Furthermore, nothing was available until now for the horn. ToneBlobs have an internal thread at the bottom so you can remove one of your rotor caps and fit a ToneBlob in its place. And they have an external thread at the top so you can put your rotor cap on top of the ToneBlob if you want to. They’re made from solid high-grade brass and they’re chromium plated – so they look lovely. They are beautifully finished and unobtrusive.

ToneBlobs introduce an area of high-density damping to a tube in which air is resonating – your horn. Several scientific journals have published extensive research about the effects of introducing such localised high-density dampers to brass instruments. The results were astonishing. They found that introducing such a damper to the approximate acoustic centre of a brass instrument improves its performance in many ways. They carried out all sorts of tests and surveys to establish this, with blind playing tests, blind listening tests and goodness knows what else.

But we didn’t just believe them – we carried out our own tests. Our results are even more astonishing because we found that two experienced, professional horn players were both able to identify whether or not a ToneBlob was attached to a horn 100% of the time - because it plays and sounds so much better – without knowing beforehand whether or not a ToneBlob was actually attached to the horns they were playing.