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Very fine Elkhart 8D PDF Print E-mail

This is one of those old 8Ds that shouts "LA session guys, Vince DeRosa, Jim Thatcher..."

It's absolutely fantastic! Around half the lacquer is missing so the finish is pretty varied. But I didn't have the heart to remove it because it didn't seem right! (We can remove lacquer remnants from any horn for a modest charge.)

It's got a few blemishes here and there but nothing much. Apart from the general finesse of materials and workmanship - these were handmade horns - the valves have been expertly replated with nickel, the best and most expensive option. Lots of these LA session guys have this done to their 8Ds because they want a great high register, which making the valves as airtight as possible helps with. They want the sound, and the feel, of a handmade 8D, but the high register of a Paxman. And that's what this wonderful horn has.

A joy to play, this is something for the 8D cognoscenti (I could have said Conngnoscenti, I s'pose!).

It comes from a top player who has newly retired and whose instruments we are selling for him. This horn has played in every top venue in the world. It's a pre-letter 300 series from 1951 and it's so classy it makes you drool...