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Very unusual and fab HF Knopf compensating F/Bb double - it's LOVELY... PDF Print E-mail

This is the first one of these I've come across. Many of us will be familiar with the Lidl comps in the same peculiar wrap. This very fine instrument plays nothing like them, I can tell you! It's a proper, handmade, professional compensating F/Bb double from a bygone and wonderful era in the manufacturing history and culture of our noble instrument.

Check out the Haitink/Concertgebouw Wagner, Mahler and Bruckner CDs from the 1980s. The whole section were using HF Knopf comps. The sound is simply exquisite. It's warm and a little darker than the average medium-belled horn - this is more of a medium-large bell, like a Paxman Europa. A truly gorgeous sound.

It's a gold brass horn - so it's a lovely copper colour - and it comes with the original case. This is in good condition but it's not protective and I would advise the new owner to replace it. We can supply a high quality new case inexpensively.

If I wasn't retired from playing this horn would be mine!